Enterprise Erase Array

A powerful software solution capable of erasing enterprise level hard drives in storage frames and shelves.

Capable of erasing over 200 hard drives at a time, Enterprise Erase Array is the software of choice for on-site data removal. The software can be installed on your equipment and used to directly connect to enterprise storage shelves, offering the user the capability to erase the drives without removing them from their storage environment.

Product Highlights Include:

  • Empowers user to direct connect to shelves contained in storage towers
  • Empowers user to be able to erase drives in tower without removing them
  • Configurable to interface with SCSI, Fibre Channel, SAS, and SATA storage shelves
  • Compatible with many Dell, HP, Sun, EMC, NetApp and IBM storage shelves

Do you need a solution now? You can download our trial software product today and Tabernus can convert it to its full version via a simple email. You can be performing data erasure operations same day. Contact us to learn more.

Can Enterprise Erase Array work with my particular enterprise storage system? Enterprise Erase Array works with most all systems. Check out our compatibility matrix or contact us to discuss your particular situation.