About Tabernus

Tabernus is a leading provider of data erasure software and hardware products used by companies of all sizes to completely remove all data from hard drive storage devices. Tabernus was established in 2002 with a specialty in enterprise hard drive testing. As data security industry grew, including end of life data security, Tabernus leveraged its core competency to expand into the emerging electronic data elimination market. Since relocating its corporate offices to Austin, Texas, Tabernus has set the benchmark for software and hardware development focused on electronic data elimination.

  • 2004: Tabernus relocates company headquarters to beautiful Austin, Texas.

  • 2004-2008: Tabernus develops state-of-the-art electronic data elimination software and hardware.

  • 2009: Tabernus launches Enterprise Erase, a software and hardware package developed with the end user's business process in mind.

data erasure software developer

data erasing software provider


We know hard drives.
We know how to test them.
We know how to erase them.

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