A Business Based Approach to Data Elimination

If you’ve used electronic data elimination hardware or software, you’ve probably felt the frustration of having to fit the software and hardware into your business process. This can lead to laborious workarounds, redundancies, and other labor time consumers. Most data elimination software is designed to complete one task only - eliminate data. Unfortunately, your requirements are not only to eliminate data, but to organize the results and improve operational throughput.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have to build hardware to support and run an erasure software package?
  • Do you want software that has functionality tailored to YOUR business needs?
  • Do you have to adapt a business process around data elimination because the software you are currently using is not adaptable to your business situation?

If the answer to any of these is yes, consider that Tabernus' Enterprise Erase deployment strategy was designed to fit into your business model with configurability and adaptability tailored for business process integration and improvement.

Take advantage of the following:

  • Software that can be configured to support your unique business process
  • Hardware and software that is adaptable to support your business needs
  • Metrics capability that helps you control your business
  • Easy purchase and licensing options available
  • Tracking and report generation tied into your infrastructure