Degaussing will also permanently erase the data from hard drives and data tape.

Degaussing machines offer very quick, but destructive data elimination. On some systems, you can degauss hard drive every 10 seconds. However, degaussing a hard drive will render it permanently non-functional after the degaussing process. Learn more about the pros and cons of degaussing by reading our white paper on "Data Remanence."

Whether it is tape or hard drives, Tabernus can supply you with the right machine for your situation. Below are some the fastest and most popular hard drive degaussers:

Low Volume Solution
With a continuous duty rating, quiet operation and a 60 second cycle time, an affordable, low volume solution can fit right on a desktop and get the job done.

High Duty Solution
The user friendly input system provides effortless loading of various sized hard drives and tape media without the need for adapters. Suited for high volume usage.

Prices and features vary, so contact Tabernus to find the right solution for your data destruction challenge.