Data Destruction Made Easy

Having the right equipment to meet your data destruction challenge means everything. Tabernus offers a series of appliances set up to wipe and destroy your data:

    E2400 Hard Drive Erasers
  • E2400
    The E2400 is an industrial solution designed for high-volume loose hard drive erasure of SATA and IDE hard drives, capable of erasing up to 24 drives simultaneously. E2400 units are ready to process drives right out of the box. Learn more.

  • E800 Series Hard Drive Erasers
  • E800 Series
    The E800 and E810 8-bay Hard Drive systems designed and made by Tabernus allow you to overwrite 8 drives simultaneously to DoD or NIST standard and reuse or resell those hard drives once complete. Additional hard drive testing functions can be tailored to support your process. Learn more.

  • Degaussers
  • Degaussers
    Tabernus carries a full line of degaussers capable of scrubbing data off your drives. Degaussers are fantastic at removing information very quickly on a per drive basis. However, once a hard drive is degaussed then it becomes permanently unusable. Learn more.

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Hard Drive Testing Appliances
In need of hard drive test units? Tabernus E800 series appliances are more than just hard drive wipers. Systems can be configured to perform hard drive test functions to your specifications. Our engineers can tailor software to meet your test needs. Contact us today to discuss your test needs!

Harddrive Erasure Appliance

harddrive testing