Enterprise Erase Global

Remote Data Erasure with Traceability

Enterprise Erase Global is an enterprise level data erasure service that allows individual PCs to have their hard drive data erased. Global locations for enterprise companies or organizations can manage a vast amount of data erasures on a per system basis with minimal human involvement saving time and resources.

Enterprise Erase Global empowers you to avoid three major remote data erasure challenges:

  • No software needs to be physically sent to the remote user
  • The remote user does not have to create a boot CD to begin the erasure process
  • An electronic record of the erasure is sent back to a location you determine

Here's how it works:

Client systems download a data erasure application from the web or internal LAN server and install the application on their Windows based client system. When ready to erase the data on the client, the user has the option of making that selection at boot up.

Once data erasure is complete, an electronic record of asset information and certificate of erasure are sent from the client computer. All records of the event are recorded securely at a specified internal LAN server or to a specified email address where a central depository of records can be managed for company wide traceability.

The process is easy to manage and can be implemented with a non-technical staff or at remote sites with limited IT support. The initiation of the data erasure process is controlled by password so only authorized data erasures take place.