Tabernus Data Erasure Announces New Director for European Sales

Pasi Pihlman joins Tabernus as Director of European Sales Newport, UK – August, 2014 – Tabernus, a leader in certified data erasure solutions, is proud to welcome Pasi Pihlman to the team as a Director of European Sales, Pasi will

Computer Disposals Ltd and Tabernus Partner to Tackle New European Union Data Protection Law

London, UK- 6th August 2014- Computer Disposals Ltd (CDL) have teamed up with Certified Data Erasure Specialists Tabernus. This partnership is a result of the new European Union privacy regulations, which will enshrine what is known as “right to be forgotten”. Computer Disposals Ltd, a leading IT asset

Tabernus, proveedor certificado de servicios de borrado de datos, celebra 12 años de proveer una forma segura de borrar y proteger información confidencial

Ciudad de México, Augusto de 2014: Tabernus, una empresa líder mundial en soluciones de software y hardware para el borrado de datos, está celebrando 12 años de crecimiento continuo en el sector de la seguridad de datos. Debido al constante aumento en

Florida Makes Amendments to Tighten Data Security

Austin, TX, July 2014- The new changes to the Florida data breach law has now been effective since July 1, 2014. The Florida Information Protection Act of 2014 essentially repeals Florida’s existing data breach notification law and replaces it with one of the nation’s

Tabernus Certified Data Erasure Vender Celebrates 12 Years of Securely Erasing and Protecting Confidential Information

Austin, TX, July 2014 – Tabernus, a global leader in data erasure software and hardware solutions, is now celebrating 12 years of continued growth in the data security industry. With identity theft and data breaches increasing every day, stricter regulation

Tabernus presentara soluciones avanzadas en borrado seguro de datos en la Expo tecnología

Mexico City, MX, June 2014- Los especialistas en borrado seguro de datos Tabernus estarán exhibiendo su soluciones en  la Expo Tecnología TICs y Seguridad Guadalajara  el 25 y 26 de Junio de 2014, Tabernus estara disponible en el stand 232. El evento se

Credit Card Hackers Target the 2014 World Cup

Brasilia, BR, June, 2014 - This World Cup will be the most connected, technology driven World Cup ever making it the subject of most hacks, security threats and data breaches than any sporting event since the 2012 Olympics.   Organisations of all sizes have

How sure are you that your data has been deleted?

        Cardiff, UK, June 2014- Thinking of getting rid of your computer? Such devices usually possess confidential information that many wouldn’t want others to see, such as bank information and passwords. It’s important to take precautions to

Data raderings specialisterna Tabernus godkänndes av Norges nationella säkerhets myndighet (NSM) för data raderings produkter

Oslo, NO, 2014- Ledare I certifierade data raderings lösningar, har annonserat denna vecka att Norges nationella säkerhets myndighet (NSM) har formellt godkänt Tabernus Enterprise Erase v5.3 software. NSM är en professionell, kross-sektor, tillsynsmyndighet inom den skyddande säkerhets service som godkänner

Cost of a Data Breach Increases Dramatically

Austin-TX- May, 2014- The year of 2013 was a interesting year in security, with an array of high profile data breaches making news from all around the globe. The biggest breach occurred in December 2013, when news broke that U.S


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